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Francesco gigi

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I can stay with my son on the floor for long periods of time, I used to have to get up after five minutes because my back was sore, but now I can stay for an hour playing with my son and having fun with him, I have rediscovered the pleasant side of play.



I was really impressed by the design of these tools, they are really functional. They are exercises that I used to perform partly free-body, but with the help of the equipment there is really a big advantage in performing them more comfortably and also more effectively.



These tools combined with the step-by-step Balance-InProgress method have helped me overcome a lot of rigidity, the fear of falling, to be overall much more flexible than two years ago when I started practising.



Twenty-five years of suffering and loss of mobility due to hallux valgus flat foot etc., I have now been practising for three years with tools and they have brought me improvements that have surprised me. I have followed and abandoned many paths, I have found what I need, I am grateful.



For me, the Eq equipment made a revolution, a life as a sportsman, always on the move in the environment between mountains, rock and water… And yet I felt I had limitations, starting with my legs and in particular my knees, which had always been ‘fragile’, with several episodes of sprains, and I felt that they were dancing, not to mention the pain I had when I tried to squat for long periods of time. When I started practising EQ I was coming from a long period of convalescence in my left knee with day and night pains. When I started practising, not only are the pains gone, my knees have become strong and I’m no longer afraid to do certain movements, I move with more agility and flexibility, I feel more energy flowing through my body, I feel really good, not to mention the squat which has become my favourite resting position.