“The good force that moves the world, moves boulders and gives Life.”

The idea came about by noticing children’s problems during motor activity. While I was running the courses I used to notice a strong motor regression even at a young age: in a class of 20 children only 1-2 were able to correctly perform the proposed exercise, the GROUND HOPE. From here I realised that the problem was of a general nature and I therefore decided to combine my educational experience at school with this new idea:


I have collaborated in several schools by proposing the “Dynamic Balance”

educational project in primary schools. The idea came about by reflecting on how our sedentary routine leads us to lose the ability to move, a condition identifiable as “MOTOR REGRESSION”

I therefore created wooden tools that could stimulate and interest children/youths (planks, oscillating plane, cubes, board with cylinder) in an educational path to balance… until I conceived EqInProgress.
The objects are designed and manufactured as HELPING TOOLS for understanding one’s own limits and overcoming them.
I practised martial arts, such as Tai Chi, Aikido, Kung fu, from 1995 to 2010, with passion and continuous research into the origins, philosophy and practices of these disciplines.
I possess discrete knowledge of anatomy/physiology developed through Shiatsu and Traditional Thai Massage courses at Wat Pho Bangkok – Thailand.

I have ten years’ experience in Slacklining, Highlining (first national record 2011) , Trekking outside Europe, Nepal, India, Cambodia, Northern Thailand, Polynesia and sport climbing exploring some of the most inaccessible and remote places in the world, through which I have also acquired a profound knowledge of materials and the necessary safety rules.

In addition, I was president and founder of the association ‘Arcieri della Slack’ FIRST in Italy and creator of the innovative static-dynamic balance method ‘SLACKBALANCE’.
My OBJECTIVE, is to bring together the various knowledge derived from these different activities in training courses on the sense of BALANCE and motor COORDINATION.

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The project has many affinities with the philosophical concepts of the Tao, the universal harmonic form, through which I was able to better understand the 5 elements of Chinese medicine and BIOENERGETICS, and then relate them to everyday life.
Shaolin masters for example use tools, which conform to a PRECISE RITUAL, to stretch the body to the limit of the impossible with fluid and conscious movements, seemingly with great ease. The art of  WU WEI, acting without effort. A profound transformation is achieved with will and constancy.  Just as the falling drop slowly smoothes, perforates and transforms the rock, a manifestation of the element WATER, so movement transforms the body. Hence the slogan ‘Small steps for great Evolutions’: to find balance one starts with little, from one’s own centre, from simple BREATHING, and one acts in conditions of LISTENING and concentration to understand one’s limits and transform them into OPPORTUNITIES OF GROWTH.